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Vision Quest Venture

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*To create an account please visit our website at*Vision Quest Venture (VQV) allows people to stay connected like never before by incorporating the best aspects of social media platform. Unlike traditional social media platforms, VQV allows you to make your own rules and gives you the freedom to work from a blank canvas with the highest level of privacy available. Whether you blog, post videos, or like to take pictures, this platform is for you to share with friends and family.
VQV is a private platform with the option of going public. VQV does not gather its users information or make it accessible to third parties. VQV is also advertisement free! Your videos will never have advertisements on them, nor will any part of your profile.
Currently, VQV is being used by medical practitioners. VQV provides a better ability to care for patients. This is done by using VQV’s “Groups” feature which allows multiple individuals to have instant access to videos. No longer is miscommunication a issue! VQV is also being used by individuals that value their friends and families privacy. Families now can create their own network of videos that can be viewed only by those who have permission. Highlighted features of VQV are: Upload pictures or videos from your camera roll or directly from the app. Create groups to quickly give access to your videos to select individuals. Build a private network of videos with just friends and family. Never worry about your information being sold to a third party. Never deal with advertisements again.
VQV challenges you to come up with new ways for using this platform. Tell us how you are using VQV to make your life better and give us feedback on how to improve our product. To contact us go to and click on the contact tab at the top right.
From the VQV team we are excited to be launching our service and hear how it is helping you. Be it personal or professional use, we hope that you see the value in having a broad platform and challenge you to come up with new and exciting ways to use it!